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Cypress Primary School

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Cypress Primary School

Cypress Primary School is situated in the heart of Athlone, Cape Town. The school has a feeding scheme, that serves meals to the children of the school every day. For most kids, this is the only meal that they receive.

There are 591 learners at Cypress Primary School but the school received enough food to feed 141 learners from their fees. We wanted to make up the difference. We didn’t want to see one child to go hungry. We then started a food drive at our Cape Town, Harrington site. The objective of this food drive was to collect as much food as we possibly could, that was aligned to the existing feeding scheme. This would allow for Cypress Primary to provide more meals, to more learners, meals that were nutritional to help get them through the day. We received generous donations that allowed us to fill the pantry at Cypress Primary school.  

After visiting their school we believed that they were trying to make the best of what they have with education being their primary goal. We saw an opportunity to continue building this relationship by understanding their needs and trying to add value where we can. Some of the other projects we have done are listed below: 

  • Redoing their kitchen from scratch (they feed every child breakfast and lunch and often these are the only meals the student eat.) 
  • Redoing the library. This had not been used for years and had turned into a dumping ground. Our team was put to work as we redid the entire room. Reading is one of the building blocks to education.  
  • We ran a book drive and donated all the books to the school, including magazines for a project corner to assist the learners when they need to complete school projects. 




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