Employees pack meals



1 AGENCY. 1 NGO. 3824 MEALS.

Leo Burnett Group have been working hard to give back to their local community and those in food need. In the last year alone, they have run three wonderful employee programmes, all to motivate and educate their employees about SDG 2.


Leo Burnett’s celebrated Leo Burnett’s Anniversary by giving back to those in need. Employees packed an impressive 3,824 meals to be distributed locally through the Greater Chicago Food Depository and an additional 1,920 meals to be distributed around the world through the Children’s Hunger Fund.

Again in support of Greater Chicago Food Depository, Leo Burnett Group employees and their families walked alongside 1000s of others in the community take part in Chicago’s largest annual anti-hunger rally to raise funds and awareness to end hunger. The ‘Hunger Walk’, which takes place in Jackson Park and is two miles long, supports a network of soup kitchens, pantries, and shelters in Chicago.


And to top it off, Leo Burnett has a matching gift programme where the group has been able to match thousands of dollars in employee donations to non-profit organizations that support hunger relief.


When we asked Michelle Mahoney, VP, Director of Community Engagement, about the group’s efforts, Michelle said, "We will continue look forward to doing all we can in support of zero hunger. I am extremely proud to be part of the Publicis Groupe family. Ending hunger is a very personal passion of mine.”

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